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Francis Ngannou Foundation

After we designed and launched his personal brand & website, Francis asked us to help him with his most sentimental project to date; The Francis Ngannou Foundation, which provides opportunity and a vision to the children of Cameroon.

Since May 2018, Francis has provided a gym and a safe place to train and learn, which will teach the children discipline and inspire them to follow the same footsteps Francis has. Growing up in Cameroon himself and working in a sand quarry by age 12, Francis knows first hand the struggle of the children in the country.

Only 5 years ago at age 26, Francis fled to Paris, where he had no money or shelter. Pursuing boxing and a trainer, he found an incredible coach who introduced him to MMA. Francis made his debut in December 2015 and won by knockout in the second round. He has since climbed the ranks all the way to a title shot.

Throughout this relentless journey to success in MMA, his roots have remained strong within him and he is now in a position to give something positive back to the place that made him who we is today. The foundation truly means more than anything else to Francis, due to the nature of his own upbringing. For this reason, it was an incredible honour to be a part of this step in Francis’ journey and we were privileged to handle the entire digital marketing strategy for it which we graciously accepted.

We already knew a lot about Francis from working with him previously, so we also knew how much this project meant to him. It was crucial that we got the message right and not only explained the mission but told a story of why he was on this mission and how we could explain that visually. We believe we achieved it. Francis was delighted with the build and we continue to keep it up to date and talk about new directions it can go.

To be a part of Francis’ journey is a real privilege and to watch him grow and be able to contribute to his story is incredible. We are truly looking forward to our future with Francis to see where we can go next on this exciting adventure with this inspirational fighter.