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Francis Ngannou

Francis currently holds the record for the highest punching power ever recorded in the UFC. In 2017 he achieved both Knockout of the Year and Breakthrough Fighter of the Year awards. Ngannou was raised in poverty and had barely any formal education as a child. By 12 years old he was shovelling sand in a quarry to support his family. Francis was motivated by his Fathers history as a street fighter to do something positive which is when he chose boxing.

At age 26, Francis fled to Paris, where he had no money or shelter. Still pursuing boxing and a trainer, he found an incredible trainer who introduced him to MMA. Francis made his debut in December 2015 and won by knockout in the second round. He has since climbed the ranks all the way to a title shot.

Our relationship with Francis just clicked. It was clear to both parties that Francis was missing a website that truly showed who this man was, and not only represented him visually but also told his story of how far he had come, his values and his current motivations. We know it’s difficult to find an agency that can match the exact needs of a UFC fighter, but as big fans of the UFC we know exactly what it is fighters like Francis require, so it was a perfect match.

His previous website functioned, but it didn’t do much else. It was clear to us that it had been created a while before his fame, and critical to do it right with his sudden boom in search traffic. We sat down with Francis to really learn about the man and understand the best way to present him and his brand to the world. A few weeks later, we were ready to show Francis what we had been cooking up for him and he was delighted.

From here, Francis knew we were the right people to take his brand and ideas forward, so he decided to allow us to continue as his digital marketing partner and we have since helped Francis with his biggest project yet, The Francis Ngannou Foundation which provides opportunity and a vision to the children of Cameroon. Since May 2018, Francis has provided a gym and a safe place to train and learn, which will teach the children discipline and inspire them to follow the same footsteps Francis has.

We will continue to help Francis move forward and evolve his brand through bespoke strategy and our growing experience of the UFC industry. We’re really excited to see what’s next. With an inspiration like Francis Ngannou, you truly can never tell how far he will go.