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Working with the Chief business officer of Google X

One Billion. With a ‘B’. That’s how Mo Gawdat, the former chief business officer for Google X, put it in his incredible launch video for One Billion Happy. To take on this project for Mo was nothing less than an honour, and we were incredibly delighted to help him towards this tremendous goal.

After Mo’s son tragically died at 21 years of age, Mo started to write about happiness, and he didn’t stop for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months, he had produced the draft for ‘Solve for Happy’, which would go on to become a bestselling book worldwide. Alongside this came a vision; to make 10 million people happy. This goal was achieved, and the decision to multiply the goal by 100 was made. One Billion Happy became the new target.

Mo left Google in February 2018 and required our help to deliver his message for both ‘One Billion Happy’ & ‘Solve for Happy’ to an online audience. This of course starts with a website. As they both run as separate entities, ‘Solve for Happy’ being the book and ‘One Billion Happy’ being the mission, we decided to create a website for each whilst maintaining a flow between each site.

The framework for each website is very similar, so you know you have not strayed far from the other, however you are able to tell the difference. Keeping the branding sharp and stylish was important to us and something we achieved throughout.

Going forward, we continue to work closely with Mo to develop the mission and evolve the websites. The happiness library, a place to learn and invest time into your happiness, is something we are very proud to be a part of and help Mo keep regularly updated. We have also helped Mo grow an email list of 20k+ which he keeps up to date with his followers through.

One Billion Happy is a 5 year goal, and it’s really only just getting started. Mo Gawdat is an incredibly inspiring individual with an extraordinary mind that we feel privileged to brainstorm with from time to time. We could not be prouder to be involved in such a deeply required mission for this world and contribute to some much needed happiness across the globe. Watch this space.